Dr. Neil P. Donahue, DC

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Lindsey L.

My Name is Lindsey L. I began seeing Dr. Donohue in January of 2019. I was suffering with severe neck pain, stiffness and was unable to turn my head normally. I had been dealing with this neck pain and stiffness for approximately six years. I went to ten other Doctors who recommended pain pills, anti-inflammatory pills, and ibuprofen pills, with no results. When the pain was at it’s worst it greatly interfered with my ability to walk, work, drive, exercise or just about any normal activity.
After a thorough examination Dr. Donohue recommended a course of treatment that included Chiropractic adjustments. By the end of the third week I started to notice a decrease in the pain intensity and an improvement in my ability to turn my head. I have continued to improve and my ability to work and play have returned to a level that I have not seen in some time. My energy level has increased and my overall quality of life is greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Donohue


Dana K.

Hello, my name is Dana K. Having worked in the construction field for over 40 years, back problems were and are no stranger to me. My journey into chiropractic started after my back went out while lifting a wall into place on a house we were framing. Unknown to me this was the beginning of decades of chronic pain and being intermittently completely debilitated. Through word of mouth I was directed to a local chiropractor where I dragged my wrecked, disabled body. I was ushered into the office where I was told to stand behind a string hanging from the ceiling attached to a plumb bob. I was then told to bend over as far as I could which was no more than three inches. That was it. Then on to the table and my first adjustment.
Amazingly after a series of adjustments I was back. From that point on I knew the value of good chiropractic care. As time went on I continued to have occasional issues with my back. I had to find other care as my first chiropractor passed away.
I soon found out all chiropractic is not the same. I found myself bouncing around from chiro to chiro – all with different approaches and techniques. Some were more effective than others.
All of that changed after I started treatment with Dr. Donohue. He is truthfully the very best chiropractor I have ever been to, and I’ve gone through quite a few. I can’t express how grateful I am to be in his care and to the quality of life his abilities and skills have given me. My heartfelt gratitude… Thank you Dr. Donohue.


Jason R.

I became a patient of Dr. Donohue several months ago. I came to his office suffering with abdominal pains, poor posture, sciatica, low back pain and diverticulitis. I had been suffering with these conditions for over four years. I have been to other doctors for these conditions and for most of them I was prescribed medication, including antibiotics and anti-inflammatories with no relief. More and more, as time went on, I began to lose my mobility, flexibility and was unable to work and play as hard as I used to be able to. Within three weeks of starting chiropractic care I started to see results and I continue to see improvement with my care. I have also chosen the most popular option in the office which is to continue to work on my health as I go instead of waiting to start like I did in the past. I should have started this care years ago. Thank you Dr. Donohue.


Matthew G.

I started having back issues in 2011 but really did nothing about it until September 2014 when I couldn’t bend over and touch my knees after waking up one morning. I was in unbearable pain. My sleeping habits were interrupted and disturbed. Sports and the gym were not even a thought anymore. I was referred to Dr. Donohue by patients who use him and speak very highly of him. By November 2014 I started to feel like myself again. I was able to play sports again and work out like I had in my early twenties. Chiropractic care has helped my everyday life by allowing me to stay active without getting hurt.Thank you Dr. Donohue!

Pablo A.

I first saw Dr. Donohue in September of 2014. I was referred to him by a member of my family. Since 2007, after my first deployment to Iraq I was unable to walk or stand properly and had difficulty with normal breathing. I was not able to move easily and I could not do my job properly and be prepared to go into combat. I have seen countless doctors and have been given pain medications but nothing worked. I had to go to the emergency room where they could not help me and recommended bed rest. I finally went to see Dr. Donohue and he changed my life in the first visit. I was able to get back into the shape I was in before I joined the Marines.
I now have no back or knee pain and I feel Great again. Thank you Dr. Donohue


Tom K.

Hello, my name is Tom K. and I have been a patient of Dr. Donohue’s for 3 years. Almost 17 years ago I was severely injured and lost my left leg just below the knee. Since then, I have worked and trained hard to overcome that injury. With the use of a prosthetic leg I was eventually able to return to work and competitive athletics. Today, I am a competitive tri-athlete and runner. Approximately four years ago, while doing yard work I injured my lower back. At first I was prescribed steroids by my Doctor which alleviated the initial pain but did not address the underlying problem. Over the next year or so it was very hard to run or train without reinjuring my back and being laid up for weeks at a time.
Frustrated by this I came to see Dr. Donohue, who got right to work on me. By focusing on fixing the problem structurally I was slowly able to get more and more mobility back. Over the next few months I was able to fully return to competitive running and tri-athlete races. Today I continue to see Dr. Donohue and I am seeing ongoing improvements in my mobility and reduction of lower back pain. I definitely feel that my Chiropractic care is a main reason why I am still able to compete at a high level and enjoy an active lifestyle. Thanks for your help Dr. Donohue.


Shelli M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Donohue since May of 2010. I have cleaned homes and offices for almost 20 years and have dealt with back pain and back fatigue for many of those years. Over the years, I have been to different doctors and have been prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers which helped initially, but never took away the pain completely or dealt with the real problem. I also hated the feeling of those drugs and couldn’t function during the day the way I wanted to. After dealing with my back problems for so many years, I really “ pulled my back out ” in May of 2010 and I was in the most pain I have ever been in. I first went to my doctor and he gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers, but they did not help very much, so out of desperation, I looked in the yellow pages and called Dr. Donohue. He told me to come right in that morning and I immediately felt as if he cared and was going to help me. After a month or so, I was able to move better and was not in constant pain. I was able to go back to cleaning homes after about two weeks and have not had the severe pain that I used to get in my lower back. Another benefit was that the numbness I used to get in my hands (That I thought was carpal tunnel) has completely gone away! I look forward to my body being able to heal itself as my treatment continues.


James K.

I first met Dr. Donohue in the spring of 2013 at a screening at Wild By Nature in Hampton Bays. I came under his care a few months later. I had been suffering with back and neck pain for five years prior to seeing Dr. Donohue. I found that due to this back and neck pain I was getting out of bed slower and generally was not feeling good. After approximately two to three months I began to notice the benefits of Chiropractic care as my back and neck pain was reduced. I feel like Chiropractic is good stuff and everyone should give it a try. Thanks Dr. Donohue for your help.


Heike S.

I met Dr. Donohue in the spring of 2013 while pondering the question why my healthy body—fed nutritiously and exercised properly—would still experience little aches and pains. A tweaked knee, the occasional pinch in the lower back, frequent shortness of breath, fatigue due to a possible thyroid condition, and a nasty cold at least once per year. I started to visit Dr. Donohue once per week to find out what chiropractic care means and to experience what can be accomplished through it. Over a year and a half later I am reflecting and noticing that overall I have even more energy and the occasional fatigue has vanished. The pinch in my lower back has disappeared and there is no more shortness of breath. Besides these improvements in overall well-being I also noticed that range of motion of my neck has increased. A few times I’d walk in the office mentioning a ‘broken’ toe or an overworked wrist and with a few movements Dr. Donohue would alleviate the pain. I have not had a cold since I started the care. Chiropractic care is an amazing practice to keep the body functioning to its fullest capacity. Thanks Dr. D.!


Richard J.

For over twenty years I have suffered from various degrees of neck, shoulder and back pain. I ignored it for many years thinking it was a result of over exercise or too much exertion. Occasionally, when the pain or a lower back spasm became to severe, I would seek medical attention that usually involved remedies such as medication and electric massages. These remedies usually only offered temporary relief. Over time, however the pains became more intense and frequent. I learned to live with it. I met Dr. Donohue at a free clinic he conducted and he discovered several spinal areas of concern. I began treatment in the early summer and gradually began to notice amazing results. I have achieved much greater strength and flexibility with my neck and back. I have also had my first allergy free season in years. Dr. Donohue is straightforward and honest in his approach toward your treatment. You begin to understand that this takes time and patience in order to be truly benefited. I now know that my previous treatments merely masked the problem and Dr. Donohues’ approach heals them. Thank you , Dr. Donohue. Sincerely, Richard D. J.


Anthony M.

 I have been receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Donohue for a little over a year now. For the last three years I have been experiencing horrible neck pain and pain in my upper trapezius shoulder muscles that occurred due to a couple of car accidents and some sports related injuries. The pain became so bad, after a while it began to interfere with my daily activities and made me dread doing some of the things that I would normally enjoy doing. After about four months under Dr. Donohue’s care I noticed that my bad days became less and less frequent and I started to have some days where I felt good again. The first year has passed and bad days as far as pain goes are very rare. It is so nice to be able to go through the day without any pain, something that for so long now I thought was impossible. I can feel a tremendous difference since starting my treatment and I am so happy that I took this step for my health and well being, it has already paid off so much. Thanks Dr. Donohue for all your help.


Dan A.

Approximately four years ago I began to see Dr. Donohue for back pain that had been bothering me on and off for approximately seven years. With the back pain I also had trouble walking, and the ability to move normally. My ability to go to work, plays sports such as softball, basketball, golf, and play with my children was being interfered with due to my condition. Prior to seeing Dr. Donohue I had seen three other doctors with a variety of treatments and medications without having my problem taken care of. Within four weeks of beginning my care with Dr. Donohue I was able to resume my normal activities which has made a huge difference in my every day life. Although I will occasionally get back pain it is of short duration and I now have many more good days than bad. My quality of life has greatly improved with Chiropractic care because I can work and play hard again. Thanks Dr. Donohue for all of your help.

Karen B.

 In May of 2006 I was taking care of an elderly woman. One day I helped her get out of the tub and without knowing it I pulled 3 bones out of place in my spine. The next day I was sweeping a floor and bent down to reach under a bench and everything went bad. I instantly had nausea and the room was spinning, so I went to bed, even though it was in the morning. The next afternoon I was not better. I decided to go in the phone book and find and call up a chiropractor. I saw the name Dr. Neil Donohue and gave him a call. I told him what had happened to me and I remember well what he said “That’s not good, come right in." After having x-rays he told me I had three bones out of place and a very bad neck. After about six months I was doing better. Dr Donohue continues to help me and I have great respect for chiropractors. I also consider Dr Donohue my friend.


Jim F.

On behalf of Dr. Neil Donohue, I would like to share a few brief comments. I started receiving Chiropractic care from him in February of 2005. After literally going through two decades of severe lower back pain, as well as many other spinal and medical problems, I decided to give Chiropractic a try. I have been to more than a dozen specialists over the years with no results, so I figured one more attempt at something that is seen as non-traditional couldn’t hurt. For me, the results have been evident in the fact that after a few months of steady treatment my lower back problem had largely diminished. Now even if it does flare up, the recovery and normal feeling comes back very quickly; sometimes within a few hours. When this would happen to me in the past, there were times when it lingered for weeks before the pain subsided. I also noticed a positive shift in the severity of my allergies, an increase in hand strength and an improvement in my general health. The colds that were always prevalent have all basically been eliminated the last couple of years. The truth is that even though I am not in perfect health, I don’t think I would be living as normal a life as I am now if it wasn’t for Dr. Donohue’s help, encouragement, and prowess at what he does best— to give good Chiropractic care to me.


Tina F.

Hello, my name is Tina F. and I had been suffering with multiple sclerosis, overall fatigue, stiffness across my shoulder blades, neck area and also lower back pain on and off for over two years. I have seen a multiple sclerosis specialist/nurse who, during a phone consultation said that my symptoms mentioned above were typical for a multiple sclerosis patient. I have a physical occupation and when really bad, the arm and lower back pain would prevent me from being able to work. After seeing Dr. Donohue, within a few weeks I saw immediate relief of my fatigue which continues to improve. My low back pain has improved and when I do get it I bounce back quicker. Physically I feel better overall with Chiropractic care. I better understand what role my spine plays in my overall health and also my responsibility for my part with yoga stretches at home. I believe in the benefits of regular Chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Donohue for your help.


Bryan G.

 I have been a patient of Dr. Donohue for approximately a year. One night about two years ago I woke up with chest, esophagus and upper abdominal pain. I saw my primary care doctor, next I saw my ear, nose and throat doctor, and then my gastroenteroligist. They prescribed and I took: nexium, aciphes, nydactyn and dexilent. None of these medications gave me any relief. My life became one of constant anxiety wondering when the symptoms would start each day. I was afraid to eat and felt hopeless and afraid. I began care with Dr. Donohue and after three months of adjustments the symptoms although still there, were beginning to lessen which allowed me to relax and helped me believe that I was getting the care I needed. I like the philosophy of Chiropractic care with its emphasis on increase function of the nervous system and no drugs involved. I am currently doing better and less anxious about my condition. Thank you for your help Dr. Donohue.


Tomasz G.

As I remember I have had back pain since elementary school. For all those years it just became a part of my everyday routine. I tried many things to help with the pain including exercise, nothing was able to help me. I had pretty much given up on feeling good again and felt I would have to continue to learn to live with the pain. One day all of that changed. I was at the local gym and I met a man with a plastic skeleton and an adjusting table. We started to talk about my troubles with pain and he asked me to come to his office for a check up. Since that day I now go to Dr. Donohue on a regular basis and I have to say it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I feel absolutely great, the pain in my back is close to nothing, and even after a very hard day at work, just a few minutes spent with Dr. Donohue for an adjustment make me feel as if I am a new person. Thank you Dr. Donohue very much for helping me and keeping my many years of pain at bay.


Bob P.

I have been receiving Chiropractic care for more than two years. When I first met Dr. Donohue I suffered with chronic lower back pain, mild scoliosis and weakness in my left arm. These problems nagged me on and off for thirty years. Over the years I have seen multiple medical doctors who always prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers. In past years I have been working in pain. Many times I missed work due to my ongoing injuries and pain. Before Chiropractic treatment I was seriously considering leaving my profession as a 911 paramedic due to chronic pain and weakness. Within a few weeks of Chiropractic treatment I had positive changes. Chiropractic care has greatly improved my life. I have better strength, flexibility with only limited discomfort. I am very grateful to Dr. Donohue. I am a satisfied patient.


Robert B.

I live in East Quogue and run an irrigation company. I started chiropractic care with Dr. Donohue about one month ago. I came to Dr. Donohue for lower back trouble and shoulder pain. I have had lower back trouble for about ten years (a work related injury) and shoulder pain for about two years (also work related). The lower back trouble is manageable, but the shoulder pain effected my sleep and slowed me down at work. I was sure this was long term damage and that relief was a long way away. To my surprise, after one month of working with Dr. Donohue my shoulder pain no longer effects my sleep and my day time pain is so subtle that I hardly think about my shoulder. Thank you Dr. Donohue


Vincenzo B.

 I have been suffering with back pain and pelvis pain chronically for over three years. The pain was so bad that I could not even go to the supermarket with my wife or walk for any length of time without having to stop and rest. My ability to work and play was getting worse over time. I have had four different evaluations with four different doctors with the recommendation that I take drugs for the pain. The little I took made me feel horrible and I refused to take any more of it. I had heard of Dr. Donohue from a friend and I made an appointment to see Dr. Donohue in October of 2008. Almost immediately after I started care I felt some relief and within a month of care I was greatly improved. My ability to walk and be active at both work and home has increased tremendously. My care with Dr. Donohue has given me great results and I am now feeling great not only physically but mentally as well. Thank you Dr. Donohue

 JoAnn G.

For over fifteen years I have been suffering with fibromyalgia. Having this has severely interfered with many aspects of my life and my ability to be happy. In that time I have gone to eight different doctors who have prescribed me everything form muscle relaxants to pain killer medication. I began Chiropractic care with Dr. Donohue approximately two years ago. I do not have to take the medicine as much anymore and my ability to function has improved. I know that without Chiropractic care I would not be able to work or have the ability to lead a normal life. Thank you Dr. Donohue for helping me.


Danielle K.

I started having back and neck pain when I was about 16 years old. I have tried several treatment modalities including massage therapy, physical therapy and yoga. While these were and still are helpful, something was missing from my treatment regime. I discovered Chiropractic care three years ago when I was living in Queens, NY. I felt immediate results. However, going to the Chiropractor was not always very convenient. Although the Chiropractic office was very kind to me – the office had a long wait – occasionally I had to wait over an hour to be seen! With my hectic schedule it made being treated difficult at times. I started going to Dr. Donohue’s office about a year ago. What a difference – I don’t think I have ever waited for longer than 5 minutes for an appointment. He is also willing to be VERY flexible with my schedule making it very convenient to be seen. And most importantly, being treated here has helped my pain a great deal. Dr. Donohue has truly dedicated himself to helping others and really cares about his patients!


Bonnie H.

I have been suffering with severe back pain and numbness in the arms and legs for over 18 years. I began Chiropractic care in 1996 and started seeing Dr. Donohue approximately three years ago. Prior to my Chiropractic care I went to three medical doctors who were not only unable to help me but they wanted me to take drugs for my back and numbness problem. My problems were so bad that I could no longer go ice skating, skiing or any other activity due to the fear that I would hurt myself more if I were to fall. It took me over a year to fully realize the benefits of regular Chiropractic care. I am not a fan of taking prescription drugs or surgery. Choosing Chiropractic care has become on of my best choices. It has benefited me in many ways. Simple tasks like walking up the stairs was an issue, I no longer even think about the fact that there may be something I can’t do. Last winter I went surfing with my ten year old daughter. Five years ago I would not have been able to do it. Chiropractic has given me back a new sense of youth that I did not think I would ever have again. Thank you Chiropractic and thank you Dr. Donohue


Daniel G.

I have been suffering with back pain for many years. The discomfort I would experience was very severe and it would also go down and cause pain and numbness in both of my legs. The low back pain was interfering with may ability to live my life. It had become so bad that I had difficulty walking and sitting. I was no longer able to work normally and it was interfering with my ability to sleep. As you can imagine, not being able to sleep was seriously affecting my mental outlook and my ability to recover. I was not having fun anymore. I started to see Dr. Donohue and I began to feel better within a few visits. It took about eight weeks for me to slowly start to get my life back. Chiropractic care certainly worked for me and I could not be happier. Dr. Donohue helped me get back to work and back to the gym. I am also sleeping better and I am no longer restless like I used to be. Thank you Dr. Donohue for your help.


John M.

I started seeing Dr. Donohue back in September of 2010 for a problem with my right shoulder. My shoulder problem had been bothering me for over six months and it did not allow me to pursue and enjoy my normal activities. I had limited motion in my shoulder as well as pain when I would use it. I went to my medical Doctor as well as a masseuse, acupuncturist and a physical therapist all of whom were not able to help me. My first visit with Dr. Donohue yielded incredible results, I had reduced pain and discomfort going from a high of nine down to a one! I am very happy with the care I have received and more importantly I am happy that I have regained my function and eliminated the persistent mental focus on the pain in my shoulder. Thanks Dr. Donohue.


Vanessa A.

I started seeing Dr. Donohue about five years ago for some serious issues with my neck and back from an accident I was in eleven years ago. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 I could be anywhere between a 6 and a 10 on any given day. I was always aware of my pain. But with Dr. Donohue, right from the beginning, I was getting relief. It was amazing; I could go days without any pain. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I know that it is because I continue to see Dr. Donohue that I rarely spend any time on the pain scale at all.
Last year I became pregnant and continued to see Dr. Donohue throughout my pregnancy. Because of my adjustments my body was able to handle the added pressure of carrying around a baby. Imagine no back pain during pregnancy! Also, I believe I had an easier delivery because I was adjusted just the day before little Emily came into this world. Thank you Dr. Donohue!


Joe G.

I have lived with recurring lower-back pain for more than five years. Dull pains would come and go, and I ignored them — ignorantly accepting the consequence of all-day desk work. In June of 2010 while lifting a suitcase, two discs bulged in my lower back. I dropped to my knees writhing in pain. I could not move for days as my seized muscles gripped my torso into a twisted “S.” For the next two weeks, the furthest distance I regularly traveled from bed was to Dr. Donohue’s office for adjustments. I sometimes even saw him twice a day. In addition to daily chiropractic adjustments during the worst of it, I took a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory pills that my primary care physician prescribed. The medication did help ease my muscles, but I had to wean myself off them as side effects eventually started to set in. I have now been medicine-free for more than one month, and while I am not yet 100 percent recuperated, I continue to stretch and exercise daily, and see Dr. Donohue several times per week, and my health and mobility is improving drastically. Thank you Dr. Donohue for your help.

Lisa G.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Donohue for helping me through what had become unbearable pain in my hips and back. Several months ago I started to develop pain in my back that started in my lower back and ran down my leg. The pain got worse every day until it got to the point where sitting became excruciating and sleeping nonexistent. I was popping over the counter pain medication that was not really helping or doing a great job and destroying my stomach. In addition, I was starting to look as though I had a stick up my back and was becoming less able to move. In the past I had always been a side sleeper and because of this pain, I was only able to sleep on my back, but I was still in pain, albeit somewhat less. Needless to say I was becoming very irritable as my lifestyle was changing in a way that was less than positive. I went from working out every day to not working out at all. This was very troubling as I had spent the previous year losing 40 pounds as a result of all my hours at the gym only to find myself unable to continue with my progress. I was exhausted from not being able to sleep restfully, and from my inability to exercise. I was not happy to say the least. Finally, I decided to see Dr. Donohue, and within a month’s time I was much improved. After just a couple of months, my mobility is being restored, I’m able to sleep much more restfully, and I have slowly returned to the gym. I am quite sure that if I hadn’t decided to seek Chiropractic care I would have spent the rest of my life on pain medication and slowly becoming less and less active. I am most appreciative to have my life back. Thank you Dr. Donohue.